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v. Nguyen
(Nguyễn việt Hải-Triều)

Independent Researcher

M.S. in Economics, UCSB

B.S. in Economics & Mathematics, Hillsdale College


nguyenviethaitrieu [at] gmail [dot] com

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I am an independent researcher in economics located in Saigon, Vietnam. I received my M.S. in Economics from UC Santa Barbara as a part of my short-term enrolment in their Ph.D. program, and my B.S. in Economics & Mathematics at Hillsdale College, MI. Prior to entering the US, I finished high school in Vietnam and then spent two years at Eastern Mediterranean International School, Israel.

My broad interests include Applied Price Theory, Political Economy & Institutions, History of Economic Thought, and Austrian Economics. My recent research agenda focuses on the intra-party governance of communist regimes.

Before turning to academia, I used to work for 5 years in designing brand identity and visual marketing with local SMEs. Besides being an economist and an artist, I also find a hobby in photography, audio engineering and music theory.

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